About Jasper Rain Designs

Unique and beautiful – just like you!

Hi, I’m Joilene. I design beaded jewelry for women like you who have a unique style and love jewelry with a natural aesthetic because you wear jewelry as a way to stay connected to nature while feeling put together and expressing your beauty. Your love of craftsmanship leads you to support small businesses that specialize in hand-crafted products.

My passion for jewelry started at a very young age. My grandpa was a miner and did lapidary work and my grandma was a talented jewelry artist. She always instructed me to put a little bit of my heart into each piece that you design to make it as special as the person who would wear it. I loved learning about different rocks and where they came from, how they formed, and then seeing how they were transformed into beads or other art.

As I got older I found my own design aesthetic and advanced my skills, always feeling connected to nature and community and putting that love into my craft. I love that stones (like humans) are diverse, wildly unique, and beautiful. I have been crafting jewelry for over 20 years and each design is inspired by nature and beauty. Materials are sourced from local vendors or other artisans who build from scratch where possible.

As a single mom, I teach my young girls that pursuing your art and passion is worth it and you never know if something will work, unless you try it! When I am not working you will find us on another outdoor adventure!

 I hope that you love the hand-crafted jewelry in my shop as much as I enjoyed making it for you!