The WHY behind Jasper Rain Designs

The WHY behind Jasper Rain Designs

I get asked all of the time, WHY did you start your own business and WHY was it a handmade jewelry business?

  1. Making things has been something I have done since I was child because on every side of my family, I had creative people and makers. Our gift exchanges often included handmade gifts that were from the heart of whoever made it. It was normal to explore your creativity and it was valued.
  2. Making jewelry was a personal way that I processed hard things and mourned the death of my children’s father and others in my life. I could sit and make jewelry and just slowly process some of these life events.
  3. As a busy single mom, I often can't keep up on the latest fashion, always have a perfect hair day or always take time for myself every day. But I know that I am a unique woman and beautiful in my own way and my little beauty trick is to throw on my stone earrings or other jewelry and run with it. It makes me feel connected to the way I feel beautiful and like to express my personal style.
  4. I’ve always wanted to figure out what I could do that really contributed to the world, helped others. I realized that jewelry brings joy, memories and the feelings of beauty to many. I saw how special it was to clients when I repaired broken jewelry. I saw how special it was to replicate a necklace for my sister that was just like the one our grandma had. It’s been special to make custom pieces for clients.

I love being able to say that I am in the business of bringing joy to people! I love being connected to nature through the stones I work with. I love being able to create a caring and ethical business.


I’m grateful!


Chief Visionary Office/ owner


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