Cabochons are made with an artist's eye and craftsmanship

Cabochons are made with an artist's eye and craftsmanship

From rough rock to beautiful rock art pieces.Here's the process of how heart cabs are made and how they can be wire-wrapped into unique pendants:


1. Rough Rock Selection

The first step is to select a rough rock that has the potential to yield a cabochon. Rocks like jasper, agate, or quartz are popular choices due to their hardness and availability in various colors and patterns.


2. Cutting and Shaping

Using lapidary equipment such as a diamond saw or a trim saw, the rough rock is cut into slabs of appropriate thickness. The lapidary artist picks a shape and maps it out on the stone. The slabs are then shaped into a outline using a template and a diamond grinding wheel. Careful shaping ensures that the final cabochon will have a symmetrical shape. 


3. Grinding and Sanding

Once the  outline is achieved, the cabochon is further refined by grinding and sanding. Various grits of sandpaper or grinding wheels are used to smooth out any rough edges and shape the cabochon to the desired thickness and curvature.


4. Polishing

Polishing is a crucial step to enhance the beauty of the cabochon. A series of polishing wheels, often coated with diamond or other abrasives, are used to bring out the luster and shine of the stone. Each wheel has a finer grit than the previous one, resulting in a progressively smoother and more polished surface


5. Final designs

Once the cabochon is polished, a hole can be drilled at the top to allow for beading. The drilling is done carefully to avoid damaging the stone. It can also be wire-wrapped and the technique involves using various gauges and types of wire to create a decorative wrapping around the cabochon, securing it firmly and adding an artistic touch.The cabochons can also be secures in various settings to make everything from belt buckles, to bolo ties, to rings and pendant necklaces.


And there you have it! The process of how rough rock is turned into lovely jewelry designs with natural connections.

Jasper Rain Design supports lapidary artists by incorporating cabochons into one-of-a-kind pieces.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this rough picture jasper transformed into wearable art. 



Chief Visionary Officer

Jasper Rain Designs

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